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Welcome to my blog. The blog is an extension of  Our Website: www.thecohencurricula.com.au

As we welcome the Australian Curriculum, and embrace the Professional Standards for Teachers as a wonderful world of new ideas and opportunities for teaching, we need to produce resources that are efficient in delivering that curriculum. As English teachers, we also embrace the new Higher School Certificate English prescriptions for the 2015-2020. Meeting all the administrative time pressures of creating curricula that maintains academic integrity is often a challenge. We hope to alleviate some of these time pressures.

Our teacher resources are high quality, academic study guides that present you, the teacher, with classroom ready materials to teach the new texts. Programs are written, outcomes are noted, specific lessons and teaching strategies are presented, assessment ideas are suggested and, all the resources and worksheets you need are included, even practice questions, scaffolds and rubrics. Nothing to do but read or view the text then enjoy the teaching and the work-shopping of them with your students. The extensive notes we provide are original and written with the text in front of me, they are  academic and will present your students with the expectation that if they complete the worksheets provided, will be able to access the higher bands.

Our student text and revision resources are academic, study focused  guides that present you with a thorough learning process  for studying your HSC texts. Specific worksheets include: themes, issues and ideas prompts, vocabulary to help you develop sophisticated responses, essay scaffolds checklists and sentence starters; extensive notes are provided and technique discussion is  incorporated in summaries; techniques and key ideas are presented as dot points so you can be specific in your personal deconstruction of the text.   The package will not only assist you with your classroom study of the text, it also provides a range of resources to continue using right up until the HSC as revision material.


My name is Pamela Cohen. I am a passionate teacher of English. I have taught senior English for both the NSW and ACT sectors.

Over a period of time I have developed and refined a series of resources that have seen my students become increasingly engaged with developing the all important skills of critical reading and interpretation of texts. My work has been published in the English Teachers Association journal metAphor.  I have provided English resources for the Harmony Day project.

I am also a teacher of History and have published work including: Barbed Wire Brumbies: The history of sport in Prisoner of War Camps during WWII and To All To Whom these Presents Come…The History of the Letters Patent Constituting the Office of Governor General for the National Archives of Australia. I have lectured and tutored in the Education Faculty at the University of Canberra on the integration of ICT into teaching and learning and have been a participant, then guest lecturer and marker, for the Australian National Internship Program at the Australian National University.

Much of my teaching of HSC English and junior (Australian) and senior History (Ancient) courses has taken place in regional areas. I have been privileged to teach wonderful students who have achieved stunning results.

The resources we produce reflect my determination to deliver all students with quality learning experiences. By providing user-friendly, accessible resources, teachers are able to develop students’ conceptual knowledge by developing their critical reading skills. These resources focus on the vocabulary of analysis and a step-by-step deconstruction of text process.

The resources are comprehensive. Each Area of Study of Module Resource contains a detailed teaching program. The AOS program contains 40,  detailed, chronological lessons that cover the 45 hours of content. Details can be found here.

Each Module and their relevant electives contain detailed teaching programs that are linked to the BOSTES outcomes for the relevant module: Advanced, Standard and ESL.  Extension 1 programs will, when completed, provide detailed coverage of the concept, the core texts and the academic level of English required. The programs come with  teacher notes for each lesson including teaching strategies, module description vocabulary, worksheets and how-to-use notes for each teaching strategy offered. In addition, the resource provides essay scaffolds, rubrics, checklists, essay style questions and evaluation sheets. There are summaries out there on the market but you get what you pay for. If you are looking for a teaching or study resource that will enable your students, or you as a student, to study text at the highest levels, these resources will make that possible. If you follow our process your knowledge of the texts will be thorough. You will have extensive notes to support you and revision material to take you right through until the HSC

Be assured that these resources will save you, as the teacher, much time. Our aim is to provide students with the processes that allow them to produce insightful, sophisticated analysis of the new texts.

Questions and clarification are welcome. Email us at admin@thecohencurricula.com.au if you have questions or would like further information on our products.

Check out the FREE STUFF on the blog.  These resources are only a small sample of the content that is included in the resource packages for sale on our website.

New resources are being added gradually beginning with the new Area of Study: Discovery material and will eventually cover each text on the new prescriptions list.

In addition, I am available as a consultant if you would like me to come to your school and work with your staff to develop, write and integrate these resources into your new HSC scope and sequence.

I hope these resources provide you with an innovative yet thorough approach to these new and exciting texts.

Warm regards

Pamela Cohen



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